Our Goal - is to provide all of the children in our care with a clean, safe, comfortable, loving environment where they can play and learn.
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Kidz Korner ... the opportunities for children to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive relationships. Call Us Today (518) 688-0450


... "to provide the opportunities for children to build self-esteem, self-confidence and positive relationships."

This program is designed to provide the opportunities for children to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive relationships.

Are you a licensed facility?

Yes, we are licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Each center displays their license in open view and a copy of New York State regulations is available for all parents to read.

What teacher to child ratios do you follow?

  • Infants (*6 weeks to 18 months) 4 to 1 ratio
  • Toddlers (*18 months to 3 years) 5 to 1 ratio
  • Preschool (*36 months to 48 months) 7 to 1 ratio
  • Preschool (*4 years to 5 years) 8 to 1 ratio
  • Kindergarten (*5 years to 6 years) 9 to 1 ratio
  • School Age (*6 years to 12 years) 10 to 1 ratio

What credentials do your teachers have?

All our teachers meet at least the minimum requirements mandated by New York State. A lead teacher has a degree or is working toward an early childhood education degree or credential. Most assistant teachers have a minimum of one-year experience working in the early education field. We encourage all assistant teachers to further their education by enrolling in a credential class or by taking college courses.

If my family goes on vacation or my child is sick, do I have to pay tuition?

Yes, even though your child is absent we still must operate the center and pay all our normal expenses.

Who can pick my child up at the center?

Anyone that is designated on your child's "Student Pick Up" sheet may pick up your child. We prefer to have advance notice. If the staff is unfamiliar with the person picking up your child, proof of identification must be provided before your child will be released.

May I come see my child at any time?

Yes, you may come and visit your child at any time. We do ask that you try not to interrupt at nap time and that you are considerate with visits. For example: If you know that your child has been suffering with separation anxiety you may want to view your child without him/her seeing you. If you know that your child does better with visits in the morning rather than right before nap please come early. You are able to pick up your child at any time during the day.

Can I leave my child at the center for the entire time the center is open?

Children at Kidz Korner can only be at the center 9.5 hours per day. It is our philosophy that a longer day would just be too difficult for a young child to be expected to withstand.

Do I have to have a set time for drop off and pick-up?

Yes, in order to maintain ratios and consistency throughout the day we ask that you adhere to the same pick up and drop off times daily. Things happen and occasionally a parent may need to change that, please check with your center director with any change in your daily schedule and we will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule change.

Will you keep my baby on his/her schedule?

We will work cooperatively to maintain your baby's original schedule. However, babies are fed and cared for on demand and very often their schedule will change when entering a new environment. If a baby is hungry he/she will be fed. If a baby seems sleepy they will be put to sleep. We must listen to your baby's needs first.

Can I nurse my baby?

Mothers are welcome to come nurse their baby at any time. . .

If my child is sick will they have to leave the center?

In an effort to minimize the spread of illness, children with a fever or an exclusionary illness will be sent home.

Please read "Guidelines for the Management of Illness" in its entirety (in the Kidz Korner Parent Handbook) before enrolling your child in the center. This information is derived from various state child care and health department agencies. These are illness guidelines that we follow as an organization.

What type of security do you have?

Each center with the exception of our Guilderland after school location has a key pad system to enter the building. No one can enter into the building without using the key pad or having someone open the door for them. Parents are given a code so that they can enter. Children are also signed in and out by parents on a daily basis at all Kidz Korner programs.

If you have any questions or interest in visiting a center in your area please contact us.

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via Guilderland Child Care Center
"... We have been with Kidz Korner since our daughter was 9 months old. The staff is very dedicated to making sure that we always feel welcomed and provide a positive environment. We will be sad leaving after Pre-K. We have gotten to know a lot of the teachers over the years."
~ Jaiame

via After School
"... Kidz Korner is a positive environment; from decoration to the caregivers. The teachers are friendly and caring!"
~ Bo

via Latham Child Care Center
"... I just wanted to send a sincere thank you to you and the wonderful woman who gave us the tour yesterday, Alyssa. We've been to a lot of daycares, and yours is the one we feel most comfortable at. You both had us at the front door, when you wanted to see and engage with Olivia. You may be surprised that many of the other places did not find that as important as I do. We want a loving, caring, fun, safe space for her, if she can't be home with us, and it seems that you and your team have that."
~ Tracy

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